The Darkness Below

The Story So Far
Or, how our adventurers got into this mess

It all started, as so many adventures do, with a job offer. Our adventurers, drawn from different walks of life, were offered a hefty sum to escort a caravan from the city of Waterdeep to the village of Phandalin, where their patron, a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker, awaited them. Of course, said patron had been captured by monsters, and the village itself suffered from its own ills in the form of a local gang terrorizing the populace.

The adventurers dealt with the threat to Phandalin while unraveling the deeper mystery of their patron's involvement in the area. To this end, they engaged with goblin marauders and their fearsome bugbear leader, and were led to the lost mines of Phandelver, the lost inheritance of the Rockseeker clan. There, they had learned, a figure cloaked in shadow, known only as the Black Spider, had been coordinating much of the chaos in and around Phandalin, and sought something powerful within the lost mines. 

Our heroes fought their way through many a foe, eventually coming face to face with the Black Spider himself – a fearsome drow! After a hard-fought battle, they defeated the evil Black Spider. Though regrettably, their patron Gundren had been killed by the treacherous dark elf, they were able to rescue one of the Rockseeker brothers.

While appropriating the Black Spider's ill-gotten gains, they also discovered proof that he was engaged in a number of fearsome activities throughout the northern Sword Coast, only the least of which was orchestrating raids by bandits and monsters against the people of Phandalin. These appeared to be linked to a larger agenda by the drow of Menzoberranzan, who had designs on weakening or outright destroying bastions of civilization throughout the North

The adventurers established their home base in the newly liberated Phandalin, and the story of their defeat of the dreaded Black Spider spread as they ventured forth to warn others of the larger drow threat. Unfortunately, the attention turned on our heroes was not all positive. A short time ago they found themselves ambushed by a drow patrol. They were shackled and dragged into the Underdark - to be sold as slaves, sacrifices to Lolth, or to fuel their captors' foul entertainment. They found themselves in the fortified outpost of Velkynvelve, trapped in a cell with other unfortunate souls and on the lookout for any opportunity to escape. 


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